Tower Co

HOI-MEA is the first company, which was granted TowerCo. a license in Egypt. Since 2012, HOI-MEA has been the only company that builds its own passive infrastructure network. As of today, the total number of built-to-suit sharing sites has reached 40, located mostly in the Delta Region (Kafr Al-Sheikh, Damietta) in Northern Egypt. For most of those shared sites,
HOI-MEA succeeded to sign a nine-year lease contracts with Vodafone and Etisalat, which gave the company the competitive advantage over its peers.

Vodafone and Etisalat are continuously providing nominals for new sites to be implemented on the Built-to-suit basis.

HOI-MEA uses the latest Hybrid Power Solutions technology in implementing its shared sites. This innovative technique of using solar power besides battery backup has resulted in diesel consumption efficiency and savings. In addition, HOI-MEA’s introduction of a smart remote Monitor & Control system, managed from the NOC Center has resulted in achieving a highly
efficient operation. Our O&M teams are responsible to keep those sites working smoothly while meeting the agreed service level requirements and matching or exceeding the key performance indicators by applying preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

HOI-MEA is capable of providing optimum solutions that meet your network future plans with the highest level of quality available in the market today supported by our R&D team of engineers.

HOI-MEA TowerCo. Services
Infrastructure Sharing
HOI-MEA TowerCo. has developed, over the years a well-defined infrastructure sharing strategy to support MNO in Egypt, thereby allowing for the expansion of wireless networks into the Delta region.

Advantages of Infrastructure Sharing:

  • Reduces Capex requirements for network rollouts.
  • Reduces Opex via infrastructure sharing.
  • Decreases time to market.
  • Develops a long-term partner who shares financial and technical responsibilities

Built to Suit Solutions
Upon agreeing with MNO for a new site erection to support the ongoing operational infrastructure, HOI-MEA builds the new towers with the lease back commitment.

Acquisitions of Existing Towers and Infrastructure
HOI-MEA TowerCo. offers to MNO, on synergy basis, the comprehensive solutions for the acquisition of existing passive telecom infrastructures.

The acquisition of their existing passive infrastructures by the independent Tower Management companies allows the operators to separate their real estate assets from their core business operations, thereby enabling realization of a greater value per unit
asset and providing operators with greater financial flexibility.