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General Description
HOI-MEA is pleased to introduce their unique shelter products which are designed by our engineering department, manufactured in our plants, and introduced by our teams considering both the ecological and social measurements in all our exercises.
Shelter is categorized into two categories:
Shape ( Normal shelter – Decorative shelter ) – Size ( BTS -BSC-Core)

  • Shelter internal dimensions can fit any customer requirements.
  • Shelter consists of wall, floor of anti-static vinyl tiles, roof of sandwich panels of 6-13cm thickness with (2GI sheet 0.6mm thickness) and closable door.

Shelter contains set of power & control panels

  • ACPDB (AC power distribution board). • ACCP (Air conditioning control panel).
  • Alarm box. • ACWL (Air craft warning light).
  • FACP (Fire alarm control panel).

Shelter is fitted with set of accessories:

  • Light fixtures (internal, external & emergency lighting).
  • Service sockets & switches.
  • Feeder, power, earthing and air conditioning entries.
  • Cable ladder (Galvanized or PVC as per the customer’s requirement).
  • Ducts (Galvanized or PVC as per the customer’s requirement).

Air conditioning system:

  • Air Conditioning units are designed based on the total heating load, they are either split or package units connected to the AC control panel.
  • Units operate in sequence either symmetrical or unsymmetrical by a sequencer timer.
  • In case the temperature exceeds a certain set point, the controller will force the standby unit to be operated alongside the service unit.
  • In case the temperature still increases, the controller will turn on the alarm siren.
  • All distribution boards shall be suitable for the continuous operation. The insulation level of the boards shall be 1000 volts and the fault shall be adequate to withstand the maximum fault conditions.
  • Distribution boards shall have separate compartments for the incoming isolator, for the outgoing circuits, and for the outgoing terminal blocks.