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General Description

HOI-MEA specializes in the design and manufacture of control panels and the distribution of electricity with the latest technology and the highest technical quality.

HOI-MEA is equipped to manufacture and assemble electrical panels at low voltage according to the customer’s specifications (such as control panels, distribution boards, ATS, Star Delta, power factor correction panels, AC controller panels, and battery charger panels).

  • The distribution boards shall be designed for continuous operation based on the rated voltage and the frequency.
  • The board shall be closed, dust protected, weather resilient, and shall be made of vermin proof with a special lining type -Neoprene Gasket- around the edges of the doors.
  • The distribution boards shall be surface mounted or standalone type industrial cubicles of sheet steel construction, welded and bolted to form a totally enclosed rigid structure.
  • They shall be fitted with a hinged front door, and shall enclose all equipment, circuit breakers, isolators, and residual current devices etc., all suitably shrouded for safe working conditions.
  • All distribution boards shall be suitable for the continuous operation. The insulation level of the boards shall be 1000 volts and the fault shall be adequate to withstand the maximum fault conditions.
  • Distribution boards shall have separate compartments for incoming isolator, for outgoing circuits, and for outgoing terminal blocks.
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