General Description
The Rapid Deployment Site is a solution for decorative and quick network placement based on precast concrete fabricated units that can sustain the loads applied on the monopole safely with the advantage of quality assurance, fast installation, easy assembly, and mobility.

The Main Components:

  • Monopole: The RDL Monopole consists of a conical steel plate compiled of several parts fitted together. The number of parts is determined by the required height.
  • Precast Reinforced Concrete: The precast foundation that is manufactured prior in our factories enables faster deployment and ensures high quality standards.
  • Foliage: The Antennas and the Microwaves are enclosed in a cover-up to achieve decorative camouflaging. The arrangement of the foliage entirely conceals the panel antennas and the microwaves.
  • Cables: The feeder cables are installed inside the Monopole with suitable accessories.

Technical Specifications

  • The Design is according to ANSI/TIA-222-G, ASCE-07 and ASCE-48 standards.
  • Basic Design wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 160 km/hr.
  • Operational wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 110 km/hr.
  • Maximum deflection = 1.0 degree at operational wind speed.
  • The Structure is supplied with a set of standard accessories like obstruction light, lightning and earthing system.
  • Available heights are 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40m with polygonal 16-sided overlap connections.
  • The Load Capacity is 9 GSM antennas on the top and 4 MWs (1.2m diameter) on the top.
  • The Materials used in the shaft are mild steel A36 high tensile (S355J0).
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