General Description
The need for Telecom Stations installation in sensitive and critical areas created a huge obstacle to constitute a reliable Telecom Network. We integrated compatible Telecom Stations with the surrounding environment by our camouflaged Pine Tree solution.

The Main Components:

  • Pine Trunk: The Pine Tree Trunk consists of a conical steel plate composed of several parts fitted together. The number of parts is determined by the required height. The trunk covered-material is resistant to ultra-violet rays and weather factors and is very close to natural Pine tree bark. A more natural display is attained via the addition of artificial branches.
  • Branches: The upper branches of the Pine Tree are composed of an organic material with different heights, while the lower branches are made of galvanized steel, achieving the tapered appearance of natural pine branches. Plastic leaves are added to the branches; and all the plastic materials are UV resistant. The use of plastic and organic materials for pine leaves and branches ensures the excellent RF waves propagation.
  • Antenna Mounts: GSM and MW antennas can be installed on special galvanized arms which are painted with the branches color. The arrangement of the branches entirely hides GSM and MW Antennas. The standard configuration is twelve antennas and six MW dishes.
  • Feeders Cable: RF and IF feeders are installed inside the trunk in order not to be visible.

Technical Specifications

  • The Design is according to ANSI/TIA-222-G ASCE-07 and ASCE-48 standards.
  • Basic Design wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 160 km/hr.
  • Operational wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 110 km/hr.
  • Maximum deflection = 1.0 degree at operational wind speed.
  • The Structure is supplied with a set of standard accessories like obstruction light, lightning and earthing system (optional upon the request of the customer).
  • Available heights are 35, 40 and 45m with polygonal 18-sided overlap connections.
  • The Load Capacity is 12 GSM antennas on the top and 6 MWs (0.6m diameter) just below the fronds.
  • The Material used in the shaft is S355J0.
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