General Description
Antennas and Microwaves are enclosed in a structure to achieve decorative camouflaging; the arrangement of the foliage entirely conceals the panel antennas and Microwaves.

The Main Components:

  • Main Structure: The Chimney consists of a frame to support loads applied on it safely.
  • Camouflaged Part: Antennas and Microwaves are enclosed in camouflaged part.
  • Feeders Cable: RF and IF feeders are concealed inside the camouflaged parts.

Technical Specifications

  • The Design is according to ANSI/TIA-222-G, ASCE-07 and ASCE-48 standards.
  • Basic Design wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 140 km/hr.
  • Operational wind speed is 3-sec gust speed 110 km/hr.
  • Maximum deflection = 1.0 degree at operational wind speed.
  • The Structure is supplied with a set of standard accessories like obstruction light, lightning and earthing system.
  • Available height is 6m with Rectangular cross section. (Other heights are available upon the customer’s request)
  • The Load Capacity is 1 GSM antenna inside the camouflage and 3MWs (0.3m diameter) inside the camouflage.
  • The Material used in the shaft is ASTM S235J0.
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