HOI-MEA offers a comprehensive line of products that includes many styles of communication towers, including monopoles, self-supporting towers, and guyed towers whether Greenfield or Rooftops. HOI-MEA also specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative specialty communication products such as Camouflage or Decorative Solutions, Rapidly Deployed
Solutions and Mobile Products. The wide range of products is designed and manufactured at HOI-MEA’s plants that are spread all over Egypt.


The 5 factories which HOI-MEA Group owns, with the respective sizes, are as follows:

  • SGS Factory for Decorative Products 3,750 m2.
  • HOI-MEA Dar-EL-Ekhtraa Factory in Port Said for Shelter 5,000 m2.
  • HOI-MEA Factory for Electric Panel 1,100 m2.
  • 10th Ramadan Industrial Compound 14,000 m2.
  • El Salam Yard for Assembly 12,300 m2.

Total active manufacturing areas are around 50,000 m2.
Capacity and Productivity:

  • 600+ final products/year.
  • Over 100 artificial and decorative palms/year.
  • Over 1000 electric panels/year.