Name: Mohamed Ghidan
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Email: Mohamed.ghidan@hoimea-eg.com


Name: Mohamed Hassan
Title: Sales Manager
Email : mohamed.hassan@hoimea-eg.com


Name: Ebram Marcus
Title: Engineering Manager
Email :ebram.marcus@hoimea-eg.com

Procurement & Supply Chain

Name: Mohamed Rizk
Title: Supply Chain Manager
Email: mohamed.rezk@hoimea-eg.com

Human Resource

Name: Ahmed El Sadek
Title: Human Resources Director
Email: Ahmed.elsadek@hoimea-eg.com


Name: Emad Mohamed
Title: IT Manager
Email: Emad.mohamed@hoimea-eg.com

Our Office

13/B/3, El Laselky district, Ramadan Kamel St, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
E-Mail: info@hoi-mea.com

Tel Egypt:      +(202) 25174130

Fax Egypt:      +(202) 25174134

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will reply as soon as possible

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