HOI-MEA group is a unique corporate blend dealing with the Telecommunication, Industrial,
Construction, and Agricultural sectors, and is operating in the Middle East, North Africa,
Sudan and the Gulf Region.
Since its establishment in 2001, it has strived for the highest quality in the industry, and has
positioned itself in the market as one of the best contractors serving the region. HOI-MEA is
“Apt for Excellence” that provides the added benefits of integration and efficiency.
The group provides integrative approaches that examine every aspect to ensure fully
complete outputs when planning the scopes, timeframes, and budgets. It undertakes the
projects on a turnkey basis, integrates the most effective components and equipment, and
acquires the innovative resources that fit the projects’ scopes of actions.
HOI-MEA embraces innovation and technology in its Engineering Research and Development
Division to improve sustainability, profitability, and values.
Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations are considered to be one of the indispensable
borderlines that have been guiding HOI-MEA’s continuous wheels for innovation and success.

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